The authentic handicraft made in italy, for your needs, and the italian elegance


Troisio Cementi has been always working in the field of urban furnishing.
It proposes handicraft products such as benches, bollards, planters, waste bins and much more. All the products are designed in order to give a better use and pleasantness of the environment they will be in.

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home and garden


Troisio Cementi designs and manufactures handicraft products for house and garden furnishing.
It proposes planters, suitable for evocative and relaxing environments, as well as umbrella supports, cement bowls and much more.

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new line


The 'Elegance' line is synonymous of elegance, gentle shapes and refined finishings.
Reserce into materials and precious finishings make these products ideal for special squares, parks, halls or every places they will be in.

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bollards rental

for events

The New Jersey bollard paves the way to a new type of services: the rental of bollards for events.
Ideal for delimiting the space during events in squares or parks. Several illustrations are available on the bollard.

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some works